Your Entrepreneurial Flight-

Make it happen!

The Entrepreneurial Flight™ model is the leading integrated model for accelerating the growth of entrepreneurs and their enterprises.  The 
Entrepreneurial Flight™ model (above) shows the entrepreneur’s flight on the right, integrated with the enterprise flight on the left.  The model consists of three stages: Nascent, Developmental, and Sustainable. The model demonstrates the flight path of the entrepreneur from the "Nascent" stage of business where the entrepreneur’s mindset is “I do it better myself” to the "Complete Fulfillment" stage of business where the entrepreneur’s mindset is “The business does better without me.”  Once the entrepreneur has developed a sustainable business and is ready, they make the transfer.  

LaBreche Consulting is ready to help you become one of the 1% of businesses that transfer into the stage of “Complete Fulfillment.” Call us today to begin your Entrepreneurial Flight™.

The Entrepreneurial Flight™ Model

4 Key Entrepreneurial Flight™ Checkpoints:

1)  Shift yourself - Be ready to make a change!

2)  Create Opportunities for Others Intentionally

3)  Make your Business Perform

4)  Live the Success

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