The Business Value Accelerator


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LaBreche Consulting uses the three segments of The Business Value Accelerator process to help you, the business owner, move up through the Entrepreneurial Flight™. The Business Value Accelerator™ Process is a 12 month program designed to develop the enterprise and the entrepreneurial team. First, we will address your strategic direction and formulate a flight plan that works for you and your business.  Second, we will build value for your business through the acceleration segment.  Third, we will implement and measure the success of your company. 

LaBreche Consulting will provide you and your business with the guidance you need to find fulfillment in your entrepreneurial career and assist you in finding more time to do the things you love!

  • Initial 30 minute consultation - FREE!
  • The Business Value Accelerator Process
  • The Transition Roadmap Developer
  • Organization Structure and Design
  • Entrepreneurial Development
  • Management Team Development and Coaching
  • Cash Flow and Financial Performance
  • Systems and Process Enhancement
  • Guidance towards creating a sustainable business
  • Access to accounting services from Saklas & Co. Chartered Accountants

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To learn more about vNacelle Consulting and The Entrepreneurial Flight™, please contact Kim LaBreche.

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